Case Study

An android-based app designed to help drivers save their time and energy on finding the best parking.

The project was developed during the UX Design Diploma course at BrainStation.

10 Weeks
Figma, InVision, Otter, Concept, Notion, Adobe Suites

Problem Space

Parking in the core Vancouver area is hard, especially finding an hourly street parking space at a fair price.

Street parking can variate hugely even a few blocks away.

This research is designed to discover the problem space of difficulty of finding a reasonable price parking in Vancouver and try to provide a solution.

Design Thinking

Secondary Research

Finding a parking spot is time consuming

Each time finding parking takes time from our life

8 mins

Average time people spend on researching a parking space each time in London.

17 days

Average American spend 17 days / year for looking for parking spots.

3000 hours

Average time that Australian spend for searching parking spot in their lifetime.

Prices variation in downtown​

The city explains the block-to-block price differences as supply and demand

$6 - $7 / hour

Near the Vancouver Convention Centre, it’s $6 an hour to $7 an hour.

$3 / hour

Two blocks west from Vancouver Convention Centre: $3/hour the price.

$1 / hour

Four blocks east from Vancouver Convention Centre to find the cheapest parking downtown — $1/hour on Powell.

How Might We

“better inform drivers in Vancouver on their parking options in order to provide them with the best rate?”



In order for this product to be feasible, it is important that municipalities have a transparent hourly parking rate system in place or a parking system that manages all on-street parking spots in the City of Vancouver. Without a proper system, there is little chance for drivers in the City of Vancouver to be better informed about parking or managing parking within one system.
I believe that improving fair price parking spot searching experience, will help motorists more effectively manage their parking and overall parking satisfaction. I'll know I'm right, when we see an increase in levels of satisfaction as reported by motorists, and fewer times spend on researching a parking spot. Without a proper system, there is little chance for drivers in the City of Vancouver to be better informed about parking or managing parking within one system.

Primary Research


In order to gain a holistic understanding of the problem space, I conducted a series of user interviews with Canadians between the ages of 28-34 who drive in the Vancouver area, with at least 3 years of driving experience.

I wanted to identify any difficulty they have had during their parking experiences and inquire about the general hourly parking rate they paid in Vancouver and the average time spent on finding parking space.

From the user interviews, I was able to pinpoint their pain points, motivations, and behaviors associated with parking experience as next page shown.

Key Insights

Price is one of the main factors drives take into consideration when looking for a parking spot and on average drivers normally spend 10 minutes looking for parking in Vancouver.
Ultimately, individuals believe that finding a fare hourly on-street parking is difficult and time-consuming.


Persona & Experience Mapping

After synthesizing all my research and interview notes, I developed a persona and experience map to ensure my design process was driven by my target user’s goals and behaviours.

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